From the dream of some
to the pride of so many

October 11, 1958. On this day, the dream was no longer a dream. 25 signatures brought hours and hours of conversations and meetings to life. The “It would be good to have…” ended and a new era began.
Adega - Alvará

Adega Cooperativa e Regional de Monção was born, as a result of the common ambition of a group of winegrowers.

It is not surprising that, in a region of people known for their resilient character and for their enormous capacity to overcome difficulties, such an idea was born. The natural privilege where the grapes for such precious wines were grown was well known. The quality was undeniable. However, an action to optimize production and take the good news to all corners was needed.

A common strategy was the only answer. With the formation of Adega de Monção, it comes into existence. The decades of history are proof that ambition is only the engine of achievements.

If the first decades were focused on the consolidation of the project and the promotion of Adega de Monção wines, between 1986 and 2004, there was a commitment to modernizing the production process. The condition for receiving the grapes, as well as the storage capacity, were expanded. The winemaking and bottling processes were refined so that the wines found the perfect context to be preserved and delivered in their most developed character.
Adega - Armazenamento
Adega - Vindima
However, Adega de Monção’s greatest asset is the human dimension. There are 1720 associated producers who, due to their connection to the vineyard, have an almost umbilical knowledge of the grape varieties that make our wines. The persistent dedication to the vineyard and the constant improvement of the production process are the foundation for a position, with special distinction, in one of the most competitive sectors of the Portuguese economy. In addition, Adega de Monção plays a very important role in the socio-economic dynamism of the region of Monção and Melgaço, promoting the direct and indirect employment of hundreds and hundreds of people. Adega de Monção is home for those who make grapes their livelihood, hobby or family legacy.


Our History

Nasce a Adega de Monção


Adega de Monção is founded

The dream imagined by 25 winegrowers.


First Harvest

The first common production had 66 producers.
Primeira Vindima
Ampliação das instalações


Expansion of facilities

The project begins to grow to become a symbol of the region.


Launch of the Muralhas de Monção brand

The iconic wine that would win the hearts of the Portuguese is born.
Lançamento da marca Muralhas


The Deu-La-Deu brand is born

The brand that definitively consolidates Adega de Monção wines in the national wine context is launched.


Awarded with the title “Cooperative of the Year”

The distinction was awarded by Revista de Vinhos magazine and repeated in 2007.
Premiada com o título “Cooperativa do Ano”
PME Excelência desde 1998


Attribution of the title PME Excellence

The award, by IAPMEI, took place for the first time this year and has been renewed ever since.


Construction of the Melgaço Facilities

Another milestone for the consolidation of the regional importance of Adega de Monção.
Construção do Polo de Melgaço
Modernização da sede


Headquarters modernization

The production center gains a configuration more suited to national and international projection.


Creation of the Historical and Cultural Center of Adega de Monção

In the former house of Adegueiro (winery main responsible), we pay tribute to the institution’s historical course. It is part of the Vinho Verde Route program.
Criação do Espaço Histórico e Cultural da Adega de Monção
Nova linha de engarrafamento


New bottling line

An important milestone in the modernization of the winemaking process.


Creation of the Adega de Monção Logistics Unit

A stage that symbolizes the considerable dimension of Adega de Monção production.
Criação da Unidade de Logística da Adega de Monção
Início da transição energética da Adega de Monção


Beginning of the energy transition of Adega de Monção

The installation of photovoltaic panels and the adoption of more environmentally friendly measures shed light on an important pillar of the AM philosophy: sustainability.


Creation of the new Adega de Monção​ store

Another important window to the best we do is born: our wines.
Criação da nova loja da Adega de Monção
Nova Imagem


New image

Deu-La-Deu Martins, a mythical figure in the region, becomes the face of Adega de Monção. A tribute to the women of the land who, in the vineyard or in the cellar, have a fundamental contribution to the construction of the strong character of these wines.

A Adega

Deu-La-Deu Martins: an example of bravery

Adega de Monção, as its history so well illustrates, is closely linked to the spirit of the people of its land. Created and maintained by them but, above all, inspired by them. There is no greater example of the identity of the Monção people than Deu-La-Deu Martins, a heroic figure who, with great pride, is the face of the brand and is present in the bottles of its wines.
busto dld final
A Adega
During the Fernandine Wars, which opposed Portugal to Castile, Monção, an important city in the territorial dispute between the two kingdoms, was the target of a siege that lasted long and painful weeks. Food was scarce and the enemy awaited the chance of conquest. It was then that a brave woman, with a courageous spirit, ordered to collect the little flour that was left and cook as much bread as possible. With the loaves already baked, she climbed the wall and threw them at the enemy. The Castilians, incredulous at the apparent abundance of the Portuguese, withdrew and conceded defeat. The boldness of Deu-La-Deu Martins is the greatest proof of the cunning and bravery that runs in Monção’s blood. It is that brave spirit that rises in each bottle of these wines.


Numbers that make us

The great asset of Adega de Monção is the human dimension that fills its products. There are 1720 associated producers who, due to their intimate connection to the vineyard, have an almost umbilical knowledge of the grape varieties that dominate the wines.

associated producers
hectares of vineyards
production capacity of 6000 bottles per hour
kg of grape production

daily capacity for receiving grapes in kg


wine storage capacity in litres