President of the Board Message

Armando Fontainhas

Adega de Monção engages in life and business with the oldest economic veins of Humanity: land, vineyard, and wine. This land, this vineyard, and this wine constitute the first Portuguese territory that asserted itself in the wine world as one and indivisible. Our story, the region’s story, is what defines us to distributors and consumers around the world.

Our work in the local economy and viticulture is, above all, a showcase of the strengths of the Monção and Melgaço region, its heritage, as well as many historical aspects that influence the identity of the wines we produce, showing why these wines can only truly be from here and cannot be recreated anywhere else. Knowing our origin well, we have never strayed from our path.

This is a very simple and, above all, completely true path. Built by our cooperative members. They demand that we do not deviate a millimeter from who we really are. They also demand that we are competitive in the present and capable of growing in the future. It is they who do not forget quality as an essential condition for  uccess in today’s demanding markets and who know that a successful journey will always be incomplete if it does not invest in its future: in its people, in its community, in innovation, and in creating jobs and value so that more people stay here with us and not elsewhere and with others.For over 60 years, we have always known how to take firm steps, not risking what we do not know how to do, but always moving forward, consolidating the quality of what we produce and ensuring its commercial success among those who sell and consume our wines.

The market looks at us and recognizes a solid product, of consistent quality, and evolving, always responding to the trends of the most demanding markets.

Also a product that never compromises the identity of what we do, the origin of what we are, and the promises that our product can fulfill. The international experts confirm what the national market have long known: our wines have evolved in the right direction and our latest harvests are up to the high standards we carry on our shoulders, with as much pleasure and responsibility as we carry the baskets full of grapes.

It is with this dedication and passion that we respond to what is our raison d’être and what shapes our way of being: the dedication and passion that our members dedicate, all year round, to taking care of their grapes, our grapes, of this our wine. A passion that, thanks to the professionalism and sensitivity of our tireless commercial partners, is felt from the hand that
picks the cluster to the hand that, already on the shelf, chooses one of our bottles.

Our success, more than any fleeting success of communication or commerce, is a lasting success because it is based on our community and its product.

It’s a success that, as the song says, comes from afar and goes far. Without ever leaving Monção and Melgaço.

Governing Bodies

  • António Manuel Alves Pereira
  • Jerónimo Fernandes Basteiro
  • Manuel Domingues Rodrigues


Armando Paulo Rodrigues Fontainhas – President

Born and raised in Monção, holds a degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Coimbra. Has been involved in the region’s business sector since 1990, where still operates as an entrepreneur Has been part of Adega de Monção since 1998 when was elected President of the Fiscal Council. Later, served as Vice-President for 13 years. In 2014, was elected President of the Board of Directors.Currently serves as a Member of the Viticulture Commission of the Vinho Verde Region.

Manuel Gonçalves Fernandes – Vice-President

Vice-President of the Board since 2014, joined Adega de Monção in 2001. Born in Monção, emigrated to Brazil at the age of 16, where spent much of his life in Rio de Janeiro. In Brazil, in the 1960s, studied Typing, but it was as the manager of two bakery and pastry shops that spent much of his professional life.

Manuel José Armada – Secretary

Born in Melgaço, lived most of life abroad, spending time in countries like France, Zaire, Argentina, and Guinea Conakry as a construction site manager. In 1996, permanently returned to Melgaço, and since then, has dedicated life to viticulture. Director of the Board of Directors of Adega de Monção since 2001.

Jorge Miguel Dias Pereira – Treasurer

Born and lived in Lisbon until the age of 20, when moved to Monção, where studied Agricultural Engineering at the School of Agriculture of Ponte de Lima. Nowadays, is a full-time viticulturist. Has been a member of the governing bodies of Adega de Monção since 2017, starting as a Board Member.

Inácio Manuel Gonçalves – Board member

Born in Melgaço, but at the age of 5 emigrated with the family to Canada where studied, worked, and lived until the age of 32. Then returned to Melgaço where started planting Alvarinho and became a full-time viticulturist until today. Since 2022, has been a member of the Board of Directors of Adega de Monção.


  • José António Rodrigues

  • António Fernando Rodrigues Pinto

  • Carolina da Conceição Machado Rodrigues


  • Carla Alexandra Presa Trancoso
  • Manuel José Baptista Abreu
  • Edgar Felgueiras Carvalho


  • Pedro Araújo Gonçalves
  • Paulo Jorge Fernandes Dias