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Sparkling Vinho Verde Red Reserve

Organoleptic characteristics




Ruby red, forming foam.


Slightly vinous and delicate fragance in addition to its sparkling complexion


Slightly vinous, delicate, smooth but full bodied.

Selection of the grapes. Destemming. Fermentation with grape skins. Malolactic fermentation. Racking/Soutirage. Clarifying. Filtration. tartaric and coloring stabilization. Liqueur extraction. Bottling. Bottle fermentation for at least 12 months. Rémuage. Dégorgement. Liqueur expedition. Corking and wire capping. Labelling. Storage

Alcoholic Content: 12% vol.

It has a good bottle behavior and can be kept bottled for two years. It contains sulphites.

It´s a good company when served with traditional North-Western Portuguese dishes (Minho province) and it should be served cool (6 C to 8 C Temperature).