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Vinho Verde White

Organoleptic characteristics






Fruity character with predominance of prune fruits (peach and apricot) due to high percentage present of the “Alvarinho” grape variety.


Well-balanced, steady, smooth and dry flavour.

Selection of the grapes. Extraction of the must (pulp) from the 1st and 2nd pressings. Decantation (24 hours at 14 C). Controlled fermentation between 18-20 C. Racking/Soutirage. Primary filtration. Storage. Cold stabilization by contact method. Soil filtration. Final filtration through membranes. Bottling

Alcoholic Content: 12,5% vol.

This wine can stay bottled for two years without losing its qualities. It contains sulphites.

It should be served at a 11 C Temperature. It’s a good aperitif  and goes well with seafood, fish and white meat dishes.