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Vinho Verde White

Organoleptic characteristics






Fresh with a strong presence of the aromas of orange blossom, passion fruit, peach and apricot.


Soft and full bodied, where the peach, apricot and tropical fruits like mango and passion fruit, stand out.

Grape selection from the Alvarinho vine variety from old vineyards. Extraction of must from 1st and 2nd pressings. Decantation (24 hours at 14ºC). Controlled fermentation between 18-20ºC. Racking. Lot. Batonnage. Primary filtration. Storage. Cold stabilization by contact method. Soil filtration. Final filtration through membranes. Bottling.

Alcoholic Content: 13% vol.

This wine can stay bottled for five or six years without losing its qualities. It contains sulphites.

Recommended dishes: As aperitif and fish dishes.

Recommended drinking temperature: 12 C

Remarks: Chilled in a cooler, it must be left to stand uncorked some time before drinking to be fully appreciated.

Storage: Cool place, width a constant temperature, under the cover of the light.