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Alvarinho Vinho Verde White, Matured in Oak Casks

Organoleptic characteristics






Marks the presence of the grape variety, with evidence of dried fruits well  balanced with the oak wood, resulting of the ageing process.


It confirms the presence of the dried fruits and wood aromas. Smooth, full-bodies and dry.

Selection of the best grapes of alvarinho. Fermentation in barrels of 250 litters. Ageing during 4 months in new French and American oak, with batonnage. Cold stabilization. Soil filtration. Membrane filtration. bottling. standing in bottle in the cellar during 4 months. Labelling. Storage.

Alcohol Content : 13% vol.

Refining: 4 months in oak

Ageing: 4 months in bottle

Good bottle behaviour, can remain bottled for 4-6 years. it contains sulphites.

It should be served at a 12-14 C temperature. Preferably cooled in a “frappé” at the table, where each bottle should be uncovered 20-30 minutes prior to serving. it’s a good partner with fat fish and cheese.