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Organoleptic characteristics




Granada red


Complex, vinous and full-bodied, with nuances of berry fruits


Good balance between alcohol, acidity and dry extract, fulbodied and smooth.

Vinhão grape selection. Picking. Fermentation with grapes until total conversion of sugars. Maceration after fermentation during 2 weeks. Racking. Malolactic fermentation. Collage with vegetable gelatine  Filtering. Tartaric and colouring stabilisation. Filtering. Bottling.

Good during three years after bottling.

Chilled in a cooler, it must be left to stand uncorked some time before drinking to be fully appreciated.
Stored in cool place, with a constant temperature, under the cover of the light.
It’s a great accompaniment to regional dishes (cooked Portuguese, lamprey, pork, roasted sardines) and dishes of red meats